We can understand that printing your own files at home or sending them to a service to print for you can be super overwhelming, so we've tried to create a guide to help you do this. You can also read our help file on where we recommend printing your files here. If you have any further questions at the end of this piece, please feel free to let us know, we're always more than happy to help so you can get a perfect end result.

When you purchase a digital printable from our store, you will receive a zip folder containing 4x PDF files in the largest sizes of A size and 2x3, 3x4 and 4x5 ratios so you can print for any standard frame in poster size or smaller. This allows you to print up to the following standard sizes:

A/ISO File: A0 - 118.9 x 84.1 cm
2x3 File: 24 x 36 in
3x4 File: 18 x 24 in
4x5 File: 16 x 20 in

The most common sizes for printing with each file are below, and we've compiled a series of photos on how these would look displayed alone or as a set with a standard sized cot.

A/ISO File: A0 - 118.9 x 84.1 cm, A1 - 84.1 x 59.4 cm, A2 - 59.4 x 42 cm, A3 - 42 x 29.7 cm, A4 - 29.7 x 21 cm, A5 - 21 x 14.85 cm, A6 - 14.85 x 10.5 cm
2x3 File: 24 x 36 in, 20 x 30 in, 16 x 24 in, 12 x 18 in, 8 x 12 in, 4 x 6 in
3x4 File: 18 x 24 in, 12 x 16 in, 9 x 12 in, 6 x 8 in
4x5 File: 40 x 50cm, 16 x 20 in, 8 x 10 in, 4 x 5 in